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Goshen Academy Of Martial Arts Reviews

I just want to take a minute to thank you all for all that you do! Your staff's desire to see each student succeed is amazing! The lessons our Girlie is learning through your program are priceless! We love that you hold each student accountable to be their very best and the encouragement that you give is beautiful! I LOVE watching her during class because of her smiles! When she finally gets what she's been practicing so long to learn (last night was her pop up), when she does something she didn't know she could do (her confidence has soared), and just the overall enjoyment she has during class has her beaming! I want Mr. Clendenen, Mr. Wilkening, Mr. Grogan and Master Grogan (as well as the instructors, I'm sorry I don't know all of their names) to know that the time and effort they have given our Girlie is truly appreciated! Thank you and we'll see you tomorrow night!

Keva L.

We absolutely love the program that Master Grogan has for the kids! He and his teachers, Morgan, Nate, and Jacob (as well as the younger ones- don't want to leave anyone out), all provide instruction, discipline, structure, and fun in a supportive environment! They truly care about the kids. Trent has gained self-confidence, body control, and focus--we are excited for Trent's growth in the program.

Sarah Helle

One of the keys to success in life is to surround yourself with great people, mentors, and continually grow in knowledge. Done, Done, and Done when you visit Master Grogan! As a father I am blessed to have this man and his team to supplement raising an outstanding son!!!

Nathan K.

My 6 year old loves it here! He was not into soccer or T-ball, but he can't wait to come here! They make it so fun while teaching the kids so much - not just the moves. My son's shyness has decreased while his respect for others, responsibility, and politeness have significantly increased!

If your child has had a bad experience at the YMCA like mine did, please try Grogan's. The YMCA was way too harsh and didn't incorporate any fun. Grogan's is a completely different environment.

Cole JT

We are having a great experience with Grogan Martial Arts. Everyone is awesome-- and my three boys have developed better focus and discipline because of the instruction they provide.

Danielle C.

Our six year old son was interested in martial arts, and we thought it might help him better understand respect, and enhance his courage and discipline. Grogan's came highly recommended, so we tried out the Tiny Tigers class. We try to attend class a couple times a week. Our son loves it, it really is a highlight of his week. Master Grogan and his assistants are all terrific with the kids. Our son cannot wait to advance into the higher level classes. Grogan's is a great place for kids wanting to learn martial arts.

Kyle Brueggeman

Enjoy this place. Love that they interact with the children and the parents. Always a positive environment. My son has grown and notice a huge improvement in his attitude, personality and his manors and a little over a month being in classes. Last but not least the communication is great, always keeping parents aware of changes and how things will evolve!

Kristine S.

My daughter was introduced to Grogan's last summer during one of their summer camps. She really enjoyed it so we enrolled her in the program. The training resonates with her in ways we never thought possible. Master Grogan and his staff are incredibly patient with the kids. I especially love the values they teach hand in hand with the physical training. We have seen our daughter's confidence increase in the months she has attended Grogan's. I can’t recommend this program highly enough.

John H

My son has been in the Tiny Tiger's class for over a year now and he couldn't love it more! The class has done wonders for his behavior, patience, having control of his emotions, and showing respect. In the past year, he has had fewer tantrums and the ones he has are short lived. He knows that he has to stay in control so he can advance in his class. He has learned good strategies to keep himself safe! The staff at Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts is wonderful. From the teachers to the desk staff, everyone is friendly and helpful. I would 110% recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn more about martial arts.

Nikki S.

My son Zakkary just started going to Grogan's, and I have to say the atmosphere is very open and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I really like the way that they stress appreciation and respect for your peers and family in the class, this is such a rarity to find anymore. I am glad that Grogan's is showing my son that the values and respect we share at home, can and do happen in the outside world as well. My son absolutely loves the instructors and classmates. Even if you child is shy and hesitant at first, the environment is very welcoming and I am positive they will be joining in the fun in no time at all.

Jennifer Owens

This place speaks to my daughter and also to my wife and me. She is learning discipline and respect along with martial arts. I'm so glad we are a part of this team!

John H.

My son has been in the Tiny Tiger's class for a few months now, and he couldn't love it more! The class has done wonders for his behavior, patience, having control of his emotions, and showing respect. In the short few months he has had fewer tantrums and the ones he has are short lived. He has learned a bunch of personal safety information.

The staff at Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts is wonderful. From the teachers to the desk staff, everyone is friendly and helpful. I would 110% recommend this program to anyone wanting to learn more about martial arts.

Nikki Starks

Master Grogan is the man. Quality person with a quality program.

Kevin W.

My son Connor has been with Grogan's for over a year and loves it. They have a great combination of discipline and fun mixed that the kids don't realize they are learning the fine art of Tang Soo Do.

Connor has improved with his focus and confidence both in the studio and at home.

I greatly appreciate the whole family that makes Grogan's a great place.

Also they have hot tea available during these cold days, Awesome!

Kyle Borg

Grogan's is an amazing martial arts school with dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable instructors! Grogan and his staff are great at teaching respect, discipline, motivation, and confidence to do the right thing! I would highly recommend this academy to everyone. Thank you for what you are doing!

Debby B.

I have been a part of the studio for 7 years. The classes are always exciting and energetic. Increased confidence, self-esteem, improved fitness and an appreciation of the martial arts are a few of the benefits I have experienced by being a part of this studio. In addition to being a student, I also assist in teaching all class levels. By doing so, I have gotten to witness many people's (especially younger kids) growth in their self confidence, courage and discipline. It is a great place for people of all ages and abilities to be a part of. I am glad that I have been able to experience and help others experience this as well.

Morgan Whiteford

Awesome women's self defense class tonight. Will be back for more !

Marci M.

Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts has exceeded ALL of my expectations. We signed my son up for the class because of some confidence issues and within the first month I could see a real difference. Thank you! The entire team is hard working, kind, courteous, talented and I love being a part of that.

Mandee Adams

Best martial arts instruction in the area, and so much more!!! My stepson has been here for 3 years and LOVES it!!! They teach discipline, respect, manners... How to stand up to bullies for yourself and others... How to defend yourself in real situations... Fitness and conditioning... responsibility and being accountable... The list goes on and on. Can't say enough good things! Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Lori S.

My twin boys go to the academy. They love it. The classes have a great combination of respect, discipline & self-defense. The Grogan's are so good at what they do & so welcoming. I always enjoy being there as much as my kids do.

A Hammoud

Wow – what an amazing program! Our son has learned much more than karate skills. Grogan’s focuses on manners, discipline and life skills (including themes of the month such as goal setting). Master Grogan and his staff are outstanding. They vary the program keeping it new and exciting. They challenge the kids in a positive atmosphere. We are very proud to be a part of this family.

Robert Milburn

Two years ago, our 7 year old son started with the 2-week Confidence Course at this studio. He is proud to now be a green belt! We absolutely recommend it to everyone - girl/boy/younger/older - it really does make a difference. Parents should have as many partners on their "parenting team" as possible, and having the studio (and the real skills learned there) on our team is AWESOME! The kids have fun, it has a very welcoming feel and we especially enjoy the 80's arena rock we sometimes hear during warm-ups! Thank you for what you do!!!

Nikki Schmith

My two sons have been attending Grogan's Academy for about 6 weeks now and they love it. My husband and I were very impressed after the first night and could not be happier. Rich is great with the students and the more experienced students that he has help in his classes are also wonderful with the students. I recommend to everyone I know looking for Martial Arts classes.

Michelle Parker

My son has been going to Grogan's since November and he absolutely loves it. It's a great place and everyone is awesome. Highly recommend to anyone looking for additional discipline and confidence for their child.

Tony Perry

Our daughter had her confidence shattered by a teacher. She was no longer the happy, courageous person she once was. We were looking for a way to re-build that confidence. She is not very much into sports, but friends of ours suggested Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts. Led by Rich Grogan, the Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts family welcomed us from the very first day. Through his teaching style and his well crafted team of instructors, our daughter is the confident, happy, outgoing person whom we always knew she was. Along with the personality changes have come better physical strength and coordination. Words cannot express our gratitude we have for Mr. Grogan and the entire Grogan's family for guiding our daughter to be the wonderful young lady she is now. Thank you so much.

Jeremy Paschall

My kids LOVE Grogan's MA! Even after almost a year, they are excited to go to class and the instructors continue to motivate them to improve in and outside of class. I definitely see improvement in their body control and focus. I can't speak more highly about our experience.

Elizabeth Meinz

I have been an adult student at Grogan's Academy since 2006. I joined because I was looking for a new opportunity to engage intellectually and provide a healthy physical activity in the evenings. We have a great group of adults with a wide range of experience levels (beginner to advanced), and interests. The adult class environment is full of positive energy and friendly, helpful encouragement. Our adult classes provide an excellent opportunity for teenagers and their parents to share in a challenging experience together.

David Duvernell

Grogan's Martial Arts has been a wonderful experience for the whole family. My son has learned how to both physically and mentally challenge himself to become a better person. Over the last few years he has made new friends and the skills learned today will last him a life time. I am proud to be able to watch his progress as both a martial artist and a person.

Mike Fillback

My son has been attending Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts for 3 years this month. We have seen so much growth in his maturity, manners, discipline and respect for himself and others since he has been attending. Sa Bom Nim Grogan is a wonderful person and instructor and does an incredible job with all the students, from the Tiny Tigers to the Adults. The studio is a family atmosphere and we have a wonderful time as parents socializing with other parents, along with watching the students learn. My son does martial arts at Grogan's all year along, along with playing other sports. With class options of five days per week - it is wonderful to have that kind of flexibility with our busy work schedules. If you and/or your child/children are looking for a positive experience and a place where they feel welcome and the instructors truly care, in addition to a place where your children will continue to grow with confidence in themselves and a "do the right thing" attitude - Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts is the BEST! I am so happy that we have them in our community.

Kelley Whorl

Wonderful confidence builder! Responsibility, integrity, manners!

Jane Crouch

My daughter has been in tiny tigers for almost a year now and it has helped her coordination, self confidence and respect for others tremedously. I recommend Grogans martial arts with confidence!

We had our daughters 6th birthday party at the studio. This was by far- the easiest, most fun and economical childrens party we have thrown...or otherwise attended.

All we had to do was show up & bring the cake. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS TAKEN CARE OF

Chris Sherer

My son has been going to Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts for three years. He started when he was 4. He loves going there. At this year school parent teacher conference his teacher had nothing but great things to say about him. She said he has such great manners for her and his classmates. He will answer her by saying "yes ma'am". When she told me that I said that is Mr. Grogan's teachings. Mr. Grogan teaches these kids life skills. My son has respect for others and himself. He has learned so much from Mr. Grogan. I would highly recommend this place for anyone. Thank you Mr. Grogan!

Michelle Schlueter

My son loves it.

We have seen great strides in our son, since he started martial arts training with Sa Bom Nim Grogan. The "protocol" stressed by the instructors entails manners, customs and RESPECT. The self respect is huge. So many kids ARE NOT the QB of the football team or #1 strikeout pitcher, and that is ok. Our boy is going at his best pace. He is growing and getting stronger in his skills each time he visits the Academy.

I appreciate the family friendly and inclusive spirit that Master Grogan has developed. He wants these kids to succeed at school, at home and at martial arts.

David Hyten

My son has been attending Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts for a year, and I am amazed at what he has learned from the classes. Sa Bom Nim Grogan offers a very positive, fun and safe environment. He focuses on teaching our children to be the best they can be. He talks about bullying and how to protect yourself and stand up for yourself and others if needed. He also puts a strong emphasis on manners and self-discipline. My son's self-confidence has become so much stronger. I'm overwhelmed by the positive impact that Grogran's Academy has had on my son!

Heather Schrobilgen

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