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Martial Arts Programs Available In Edwardsville

Kids Martial Arts

Serving the Edwardsville area, Goshen Academy of Martial Arts offers fun, exciting Kids Martial Arts classes in a safe and structured setting. A great time to get started with our children's martial arts classes is in the school years.

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Tiny Tigers

Tiny Tigers Kids Martial Arts classes at Goshen Academy of Martial Arts is the best way to help your child, ages 4-6, learn important life skills in a fun and structured setting!

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Teen and Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes are perfect for anyone interested in enhancing their fitness while learning important self defense skills. Professional instructors work with you every step of they way to keep you motivated and on track to reaching your Martial Arts goals.

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Self Defense

Learn vital self defense strategies at Goshen Martial Arts Academy in Edwardsville. Our experienced self defense experts will give you the guidance and techniques training you need to learn effective skills that could save your life!

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Birthday Parties

Thoroughly enjoy being the “cool parent” who gave your child a birthday party different from all of his or her friends.

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Kids Camps

Year After Year After Year - Our Day Camps and Kids Camps are highly regarded as The Most Fun, Exciting & Valuable Camps ANYWHERE!!!

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Bully Prevention

Bullying is everywhere. Everyone talks about it, but few people know how to really help - we can help!

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