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Edwardsville Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In June

Serving the Edwardsville area, Goshen Academy of Martial Arts offers fun, exciting Kids Martial Arts classes in a safe and structured setting. A great time to get started with our children's martial arts classes is in the school years. We offer age specific programs for children as young as 4 years old. These classes are separated by age so that each student is learning at a level and pace that best suits their needs.

Watch Your Child Grow In Kids Martial Arts Classes

You can be sure to see a difference at school and at home because kids in our classes develop lifelong skills that will help them succeed in all areas, and even into adulthood. Your child will feel welcome and excited when they walk into class each day, and leave feeling inspired and ready to take on the world. Our classes are built to help children become well-rounded in all areas of life by instilling values like honor, integrity, discipline & respect.  

Kids Martial Arts For Every Age

Tigers : (4-6 years) Our Classes improve children's focus, body control, and behaviors. With positive motivation student's learn to following directions, use good manners and become more respectful. We create a fun, safe and healthy environment focused on each child's success.

Children: (7-12 years) Our Classes improve children's courage & confidence to believe in themselves, respect others and stand up to bullying. Students learn to focus, control their bodies and improve their behaviors. We teach perseverance that leads to success at school, home, sports & Martial Arts. Our students learn to focus on goals, work hard and achieve them.


Our kids karate class at Goshen Martial Arts is a wonderful activity for girls. It builds coordination, balance, and agility but the mental benefits are much more. Girls in our program develop confidence and high self esteem. We teach girls to believe in themselves, and even the most timid little girls discover the power of focus and perseverance.


Our kids karate class at Goshen Martial Arts is a wonderful activity for boys. It builds strength, coordination and balance while developing confidence and a high self esteem. Boys who participate in our program learn to focus their attention and achieve goals. They develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

Kids Martial arts Edwardsville

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