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How much does it cost, can I afford it, and what are the values I receive from your program?

YES, you can afford it, and once you see the values our program instills, you'll realize you can't afford not to be a part of our program.

The 1st night is completely FREE to see how our program can benefit you & your child, and why our program is so effective in helping each student live their best possible life. After the Free trial class and private lesson we encourage parents to sign up for our Beginner's Special, Only $25. This is an excellent opportunity to experience all the wonderful benefits of our one of kind life skills & character development program for 2 entire weeks. (Attend up to 5 times a week).

The values you and your family receive are limitless, and the long term benefits of our program are priceless (especially when you consider the positive impact our program has on you & your child's life, both now & in the future).

We are very cognitive that most families are on a certain budget and therefore we charge far less than the true value of our program to make it affordable for families who truly want to give their child the absolute best.

Our all inclusive program, which includes a Free uniform, and all tip test fees, belt testing fees, unlimited monthly attendances, along with our one of kind life skills & character development program, our nightly educational power chats, and our exceptional Martial Arts instruction is only $169 a month. There are NO long term contacts, all of our agreements are month to month, with a 30 day cancellation notice. (We don't have contracts because we are committed to working extremely hard each & every class to give each student the absolute best possible experience every time they visit our academy.) This motivates us to be our absolute very best each and every day.

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